Monday, April 29, 2013


For those who may not have children, it may be a little-known fact that Google is one of today's most essential parenting tools. Particularly when you get asked those difficult, almost-impossible-to-answer, barely-remembered-from-school questions. What causes lightning? What about thunder? When did the dinosaurs become extinct? What is the name of THAT dinosaur? Unfortunately, not all questions are googleable. Like the one my son asked me this afternoon:

The Son: Dad, why can't you buy a best friend?

Your Humble Servant:  [Puzzled] What do you mean? Why are you even asking me that question? Where did it come from?

The Son: Well, in Gumball they say "I'll be your best friend for ten bucks!"

Your Humble Servant: Ah, OK, so then you know that in the real world that doesn't happen, right?

The Son: Right, but why not? Why can't you buy a best friend? 


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