Thursday, November 18, 2010


Some thoughts on the characteristics of Time as a resource:
  • Time can only be acquired and utilised in finite quantities.
  • Time is completely inelastic.
  • Time is free (but not cheap).
  • Time, in and of itself, is a neutral quantity; it only takes on certain characteristics based on how it is used.
  • Time is the only resource that everyone has exactly the same quantity of, no more, no less.
  • Time is the universal currency: everyone, everywhere, is spending it on something.
  • Time is the only resource that is essential for every undertaking.
  • Time has no intrinsic value - on its own it's worthless,
  • Time only becomes valuable when it is used or spent on something of value.
  • Time can never be created or destroyed.
  • Time can't be killed, only wasted on worthless activities.
  • Used, Time's potential value is limitless.
  • Unused, Time's actual value is worthless.
  • Time can't be stopped (or started).
  • Time can't be stored.
  • Time can't really be "saved".
  • Time can't be transferred.
  • Time can't be traded.
  • Once gone, Time can't be replaced.
  • Time can't be substituted.

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