Saturday, November 21, 2009

100 Years of Drucker

Had he lived to this day, Peter F. Drucker would have turned 100 this week. A host of events have been organised worldwide to commemorate the Drucker centenary. There have been numerous tributes to Drucker from numerous sources: Havard Business Review put him on the cover of its November issue and asked "What would Peter do?"; The Economist pays him fulsome praise in it's latest Schumpeter column; The Wall Street Journal assesses his lasting legacy; Inc surveys some of his contributions from A to Z.

But the simplest, sincerest, most personal and most poignant tribute that I have come across is from one of Drucker's countless students, a man whose life was literally (and positively) transformed by his contact with Drucker. Drucker's deep humanity and wisdom shines through in this story. But I'll let Opoku Acheampong tell us the story for himself.

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